Client: The server is running on Gracia Final Client.

Hardcore levelling: Fast leveling to level 85. From level 85 to level 95 the leveling process is slow.

PvP, Classes and Skills: Meticulously balanced classes.

Lineage 2 Hades

L2Hades PvP pride-style server has an abundance of features and customizations!

We will be glad to see you on the Grand Opening of the New Season of the La2Hades server!

Server Online !

Custom Farming Zones

L2 Hades has 2 Main Farming areas, each as a special attribute.

, Main Farming areas:

Cave of Trials

S80 only zone

Chromatic Highlands

Solo, party farming zone

Custom Itens

Our server contains several custom items giving more variety and balance in the game!

-Armor sets are: Dynasty class-specific, Dynasty Platinum/Jeweled, Vesper, Titanium, Dread and Rykros

The tiers of weapons are: Dynasty, Icarus, Vesper, Titanium, Dread, Unique (monster) weapons, S Rare, S80 Rare, S Epic and S84 Epic.

Over 100 accessories offering different stat boosts to characters

10 new custom jewelry and tattoos each giving a different bonus.

PvP, Classes, Skills, Raids and Events.

Meticulously balanced classes and stable events!

Supporting classes that have their buffs in the buffer are given other functions. For example various skills have been added to BD/SWS/Prophets.

Autoevents such as TvTs, CTFs, VIPs, DMs. All events have absolutely robust team-attack protection, spawn zone protection, and reward the loser teams with 1/3 of the prize.

Subclasses can level up to lvl 95 as well, and can learn forgotten skills.

Edited raid bosses that drop high-value rewards.

Usuário Online